WB Marvin is the leader in the adjustable screen market with screens to fit almost every window.

Founded in Urbana Ohio in 1915, The W.B. Marvin Company introduced it's first metal rail adjustable screen in 1936. Throughout the country windows with the iconic Marvin screens would let the fresh air in, and keep bugs and leaves out.

The easy to install and easy to remove window screens became a staple of Americana across the country, seen in windows from coast to coast. For some 75 years WB Marvin produced an entire range of adjustable screens for every size window.

In 2008 WB Marvin joined the Frost King family when Thermwell purchased the entire line of window screens and added the Marvin Catalog to the Frost King line of products.

Since the beginning of the century, WB Marvin screens have been assembled in the USA, made in the same facility in Urbana Ohio as they have always been. In 2012 Frost King doubled down on it's commitment to Marvin and Urbana by purchasing a new 100,000 Square foot warehouse which will serve as the future Home of WB Marvin.

With it's new home, WB Marvin will continued to be a world innovator in adjustable replacement windows and screens.

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